Improve your musical setup

The midiclock generates incredibly accurate MIDI Clock messages.

Improve your musical setup now by removing clock jitter and get rid of sloppy timing.

It has two DIN MIDI outputs to connect to your gear. The clock signal can be distributed to more than two slaves by using MIDI Thru and you can start and stop everything with a single button.

Simply attach all devices that have MIDI Clock slave capabilities: Sequencers, synthesizers, drummachines and software like 'Live' from Ableton.


'Normal' and 'Live' mode

How to actually set the BPM depends on the operating mode:

While using 'Live' mode, the BPM change immediately by turning the knob. You can use this mode if you want to make smooth tempo changes in your performancea and are aware, that every turn of the knob changes the BPM.

In the 'Normal' mode, the changed value must be confirmed with a single click of the knob. This mode is perfect if you want to set your tempo once and simply need a stable clock signal. Accidental turning of the knob doesn't affect your BPM.


'Resync' functionality

While playback, the midiclock is always able to resync all gear on the next downbeat.

If one of your slaves gets out of sync by any reason, just push the resync button and everything is aligned again on the next stroke without stopping your performance.

Don't worry about your live performance anymore, if anything gets messed up with your slaves you are back in sync within a second.




BEAT 07/13

"In practice, the midiclock worked extremely well. (...) And the resync function sets the clock deviated devices quickly back to the right path."

Download review (pdf, German)

Beat 07/13



"Our measurements showed without any doubt that the midiclock can improve the timing of a setup to a great extent."

Download review (pdf, German)

Keyboards 04/13


FAZE 06/13

"The midiclock is manufactured in Berlin in cooperation with local suppliers.
Each unit is actually still handmade."

Download interview (pdf, German)

FAZE Magazine


A lot of international artists trust in their midiclock as a masterclock generator:

Trevor Oswalt (East Forest - USA)
Modeselektor (Modeselektor - GER)
Scott Donald (Laki Mera/Architeq - UK)
Kombinat 100 (Kombinat 100 - GER)

Flo König (Cro - GER)
Maximilian Buske (Geschwister Schumann - GER)
Sam Skirrow (Ellie Goulding - UK)

Marco Haas (T.Raumschmiere - GER)
Alex Sanchez (DeadWalkman - CO)
Pariah (Pariah - UK)



What about Jitter?

We compiled our research about the impact of clock jitter on MIDI syncable DAWs into a technical report. Learn how the midiclock makes your performance feel much tighter!

Download report (updated 4.3.2014)



The midiclock manual is available in three languages. It gives you advice on synchronisation with MIDI clock signals and technical details about the product.

Download manual: Deutsch / English / Francais


Press Pictures

Download some pictures of the midiclock by clicking the image above.